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You want to make sure your business, assets, personnel, and their belongings are protected 24/7. However,  human beings cannot provide a fail-proof, all-encompassing monitoring solution. So,  how do you achieve this? By investing in off-site monitoring solutions from Elite Guarding Services.

Our virtual monitoring technology can give you the peace of mind that goes along with knowing that your property has full surveillance at all times. As an independent security solution provider, our off-site monitoring not only monitors and detects security threats throughout the day and night, but it also provides us with the data needed to audit service providers, such as reaction and guarding companies, for you.

Off-site monitoring is much more than a monitoring service as it can detect failures in security systems and threats before they cause any damage or harm. Our off-site monitoring fits seamlessly with a number of existing CCTV/IPV recording devices. And, we can also design and install a comprehensive system from scratch. Whether you want to increase the surveillance of specific areas, such as streets, parking lots, access points, and generators, or whether you want a holistic detection solution that covers everything from electric fences to guard houses and existing security cameras on-site, we can design a solution that meets your exact needs.

Some of the issues that our off-site monitoring solutions have picked up in the past include security breaches as well as crimes before they were able to be committed. The audits that we have been able to generate as a result of the off-site monitoring has also been able to report guards sleeping, taking shortcuts on patrolling duties, and reaction companies lagging on the response times that are stipulated in their service level agreements.

With an off-site monitoring solution from EGS, you will be able to minimize the element of human error and ensure that all daily events and coming-and-going are monitored and recorded.

EGS is an established security services provider. We believe that our integrity and ethics must remain above reproach at all times, which is why businesses entrust their security needs to us. Contact us to find out more about our off-site monitoring services today.