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Guarding in the Commercial, Industrial and Government Sectors

At Elite Guarding Services our approach is personal, ensuring service excellence, customer focus and integrity – utilizing the latest technology from around the globe and the best human capital in the industry. We ensure our customers experience a professional service proposition that delivers results.


Elite Guarding Services has noticed an increased demand from commercial and residential properties that are looking to improve their security whilst driving down security budgets and costs. We believe the primary reason for the cost-saving drive is due to the tough economic climate and significant developments in connectivity.

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen is choosing cheaper and non-compliant commercial security companies that don’t pay staff according to SD6 requirements. This puts you at a huge risk of fines up to R1m from PSIRA and the Department of Labour not to mention de-motivated staff being paid incorrectly. A further trend we have seen is the insurance companies repudiating claims due to the non-compliance of contracted security companies.

It is time to get smart and embrace technology. There are ways to decrease your expensive manpower and use technology to do Virtual Patrols and Offsite Monitoring. This is all part of the various ‘Layers’ you need to protect your assets.

We utilise the latest software monitoring and IP cameras, which allows EGS to monitor your property using analytical software to highlight potential problems 24 hours a day. On identifying a potential problem our control room immediately dispatches an armed response team to deal with the threat before the actual crime happens.

EGS have the ability to monitor your entrance/access control, perimeter walls and potential ‘hotspots’ without the use of expensive roaming guards enabling you to realise significant annual savings on your security budget whilst increasing the security for your property.

Services we specialize in:

CCTV Installations
Access Control Systems
Offsite Monitoring
Risk Assessments

Contact us today and we will personally come out to meet you and discuss your commercial security needs